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1955 Nippon Petrochemicals Co., Ltd. (NPC) was founded as a 100% subsidiary of Nippon Oil Co., Ltd. and launched business related to petrochemicals.
1957 Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) started business related to petrochemicals.Facilities for ethylene were completed for NPC and operation started at Kawasaki Complex.
1969 Oita Complex was completed for SDK; facilities for polypropylene were completed and operation started in December.
1989 Polypropylene facilities for Ukishima Polypro (UPP) were completed at the Complex of NPC.
1993 The gas phase polypropylene facilities of SDK were completed in Oita.
1995 Japan Polyolefin Co., Ltd.(JPO) was established, and the operations of SDK and NPC were transferred.
1996 JPO and Montell (Currently known as LyondellBasell) jointly established Montell-JPO Co., Ltd. (MJC), and polypropylene business for automobiles were transferred to MJC from JPO.
1999 Montell SDK Sunrise Ltd. (MSS) was established, and polypropylene business was transferred from JPO.
2000 PolyMirae was estsblished in Korea as a joint venture with Daelim.
2001 MSS changed its name to SunAllomer Ltd.(SUN)
2002 SUN acquired 100% shares in UPP from NPC.
2007 UPP transferred its whole business to SUN.
2016 SDK and JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation acquired all shares of capital stock owned by LyondellBasell.

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