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Responsible Care

We at SunAllomer declare that we will actively promote Responsible Care Program, our self-imposed measures to ensure sound environmental conditions, safety and health in the 21st century, starting January 2000. We believe it is our responsibility to society and our mission to protect the environment as well as the safety and health of citizens and our employees, in carrying out our business. Based on this philosophy, we will take the following initiatives for Responsible Care:

(1) Environmental protection
- Reduction of industrial wastes
- Initiatives in energy conservation and recycling
- Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions
- Initiatives to protect the ozone layer
- Reduction of harmful air pollutants
- Reduction of environmental load on water quality
(2) Security, disaster prevention and facility safety
- Development of communications network for emergency measures
- Disaster prevention drills
- More detailed surveys prior to construction or modification of facilities
- Efforts to provide measures against the aging and deterioration of facilities
- Efforts to provide measures against earthquakes
(3) Labor safety and hygiene
- Attempts to eliminate accidents at work
- Maintenance of employee health
- Improvement of the working environment
(4) Safety related to chemicals
- Development of product safety data sheet
- Risk assessment
- PRTR initiatives
(5) Communication
- Publication of Responsible Care Reports
- Participation in Japan Responsible Care Conference
* Responsible Care activities are primarily promoted by the Responsible Care Committee.
* Responsible Care activities are carried out in the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle.

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